Serenity Respite

What to do next

Now is the time to make those changes

There is so much to think about and yet your head is too full and you are too exhausted to be able to make a decision; that’s where we can help

Don’t feel daunted or become overwhelmed… Any questions about our respite service and the care we provide, or to book onto our Waiting List for a respite session, call us on 077 96 49 123 6 or send an email to

If you would like support in choosing the correct respite service for you & your loved one, ensuring that the respite is successful, join our Serenity Respite page and group on Facebook.

For a supportive community you can join our Facebook group Support For Carers – A Caring Community Together.

We recruit the very best of staff; they are knowledgeable, dedicated, compassionate and motivated, they have a thirst for learning and keeping up to date with latest research, they enjoy having fun and as a team they are passionate about delivering the highest standard of care, are helpful and have infectious personalities.

As an employer we train our staff to meet the highest of standards, we provide ongoing training and encourage personal development. We value our hard-working team, pay well and believe that time off is vitally important; they care for our Guests with such compassion and drive, ensuring every need is met, in turn, we hold staff well-being in the highest regard and ensure the rota incorporates ample days off to recharge their batteries and feel rested. There is a lot to be said for the saying ‘work hard, play hard’, we want our staff to love their job and in turn this makes for a happier place for our Guests to be.

Here at Serenity Respite our model for provision of care and carer well-being are based on, and as a direct result of the owner having herself been a 24/7 caregiver to her loved-ones. She knows only too well what it is like not to have adequate breaks and to be financially penalised because she is a caregiver. She is not prepared to replicate this cycle and have such little regard about the well-being of fellow carers working in her service.