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Happy Clients

“Helen, you are truly amazing in every single way, a beautiful, selfless person who is always there for everyone in their lives, no matter what you are personally enduring in your caregiving. I know for sure Serenity Respite will change people’s lives and I would never hesitate and to fly the flag for your wonderful new service. Much love xxx”

Anne Reed -Paladin Advocates Attorneys,
Managing Director

“We ❤️ the ethos behind Serenity Respite. Get in touch with them for more information about how they support caregivers whilst knowing their loved ones are being looked after properly”

Chester Handbooks

“I am genuinely blown away by the level and quality of care that you provide. Many full time carers feel guilty about using respite care, thinking they should be able to cope and worrying about the kind of place that they’re leaving their loved one in. As soon as I stepped through your door, the sense of peace was palpable, I immediately felt at home. You have unwavering patience and such a kind and natural way about you, you immediately put everyone at ease. Your compassion is evident and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with such a positive outlook on life, despite being a 24/7 carer to your loved one yourself, and still doing it with a smile on your face and in good humour. Knowing your ethos, I would trust impeccably that the staff at Serenity Respite would be as amazing as you and I would not hesitate to use your service and plan on recommending it to everyone I know. You’re truly amazing in what you do and the world needs more people like you. Thank you so much, I can’t wait for my next visit.”

Emma C.

“This sounds brilliant and is needed countrywide to be honest. Just to be able to have a couple of hours outside of the house doing something for yourself makes so much difference. I also look forward to your online services launching”


“When my late husband was terminally ill and I was his carer, the small bit of respite he received was much needed, valued and important for my own well-being x”


“Respite is so important, and the service you give to caregivers. I think I need to unplug myself soon and take a break, thank you”

Rebecca B

“This is needed by so many”

Stephanie T

“This site is invaluable. It is scandalous the lack of support readily available elsewhere. Thank you and I’m sure it will resonate with many, including myself xx”

Victoria B

“I absolutely love what you are doing. You are incredible with the work that you do and are amazing for creating this. Thank you so much”

Josephine K

“I have been caring for 15 years and counting. I am learning so much here and in your facebook groups, that I should have been told long ago, but wasn’t. Thank you”

Heather T

“It sounds fantastic! I shall make a booking as soon as the doors are open. Such a welcomed service, one I shall certainly recommend to others too xx”

Sue B 


Liz F

“I love this and it is so needed 100%”

Sarah P

“This sounds like an amazing and much needed service”

Jane O

“It is these sort of small daily comforts that you are offering that make a huge difference. There is so little awareness around need for respite for unpaid carers. Your service and your dedication are really remarkable. I really admire that”


“What a beautiful service and mission; love it”


“I have never heard of another respite service you can put a loved one in for say an afternoon. It’s such an important thing I’m surprised nothing like this already exists, or at least if it does, I have never found or been told about it. I mean we have permanent care placements or for a week or two but some people don’t want so long or full care for their loved ones they just need a few hours break”

Karen M

“Dear Helen what an amazing lady you truly are – such love and dedication. I know the respite service will be a huge success, especially with you at the helm”

Anna D