Serenity Respite

Additional Services

For You as your loved-one’s caregiver


  • One-to-one listening and brainstorming online service
    Flexible to suit your time, and affordable to suit a caregiver’s budget with no long waiting list.
  • Serenity Respite – Caring for the Carer
    A supportive closed Facebook group with a wonderful community of unpaid caregivers caring for a loved-one.
  • Support For Carers – A Caring Community Together
    A supportive and informative closed Facebook group for paid carers, unpaid carers and anybody supporting a caregiver.
  • Carers Recharge & Chill Well-being Lounge
    A supportive membership for Unpaid Carers and Self-employed Live-in carers, combating isolation, loneliness and overwhelm.
  • CarersUnite Network with Serenity Respite Care Services
    A membership where Unpaid Carers connect directly with Self-employed live-in carers, matching personalities, interests and care needs. We are not an agency, so there are no huge agency fees, for either party.

We pride ourselves in supporting unpaid, family caregivers in between respite sessions.

A quick way of getting to know us and vice versa, is by joining one of our Facebook groups. Both groups have a focus on well-being of the caregiver and to provide support, helping to address isolation. Read below of the support you can get from each of the groups:

Serenity Respite – Caring for the Carer

 This group is free to join and covers all things respite; discussions about respite in general, what excellent respite should consist of, the benefits of respite care to both you and your loved-one, how to introduce the prospect of respite care as the norm, and a safe space to have a browse of when you just need 5 minutes to clear your mind and have a moment of respite in your busy day.

Launching soon in this group will be a complimenting private membership space, for a small monthly fee, it will be for caregivers to thrive, socialise make friendships with fellow caregivers, live interaction for those who would like that (video or audio), all as a vital tool in addressing isolation and loneliness. The idea is to replicate that of a supportive family life, whether that be as a safety net, giving reassurance that our loved-one would not go unnoticed and be left longer than 12 hours if we were taken ill, or discussing a TV programme / drama, something that is so often lacking in a caregiving household, or getting together with friends on a Friday evening for a drink and chat, coffee mornings, a midday sandwich, a bedtime cuppa when loved-ones have gone to bed; there will be things jotted around different times of the day and evening so that most members will be able to join something at least once a week if they would like to.   

Support For Carers – A Caring Community Together

This wonderfully relaxed group is free and is for both paid carers and unpaid caregivers, plus anybody supporting a caregiver. We are a community supporting one another, we share moments of overwhelm, little wins, victories and tips we pick up along the way. Collectively, we are passionate about the well-being of caregivers and those we care for.

Launching soon in this free group will be a complementing private membership space, for a small monthly fee, for networking purposes, to connect and unite unpaid carers with paid carers, specifically designed to help with finding respite care and daily care calls for your loved-ones. We appreciate Serenity Respite is not local, or commutable to everybody needing respite care, so our aim is to make available respite care for those who cannot get to our wonderful, in person respite care service.  This will initially be a UK wide service, but given time and increasing numbers joining there is no reason that it couldn’t help caregivers globally. 

As part of supporting you in-between any respite sessions you have booked in the diary, we offer one-to-one listening and brainstorming online sessions with Helen, the owner of Serenity Respite. You are able to book one of the sessions through our booking system.

You are also welcome to book an online chat with one of our wonderful Serenity Respite team members, before booking a respite session and when trying to decide whether respite care will be right for you and your loved-one.


Useful, additional information when booking a session at Serenity Respite

Staff are happy to assist Guests with their medication if it is in blister packs or clearly marked up and filled pill box organisers for the number of days they will be with us (you can get box organisers for one day only if your loved one is just coming for a day session). All sorted medication must have your loved-one’s name clearly displayed. All unused medication will be returned in the boxes they arrived. All medication is kept in our locked medicine cupboard.

If your loved-one incontinent, they must come with enough pads to easily cover the length of their stay. If your loved-one is incontinent, they are entitled to receive incontinence pads from the NHS. Ask their GP / District Nurse to be referred to the Incontinence Team; they are a busy team and it can take a while for the assessment to take place.     

With a disabled badge you can park outside the front of the property.  6pm – 8am and on Saturdays, Sundays & bank holidays anybody can park outside the property.

CQC registered.