Serenity Respite CARE SERVICES

About the Owner, Helen

Passion for the provision of outstanding care

Serenity Respite Care Services is owned by Helen Phipps Watson. Helen for many years was a Psychologist and professionally has always worked in a ‘caring’ setting, whether that be in the NHS, for a charity, in Practice, or as a manager, the common theme has always had a focus on the well-being of others. She has been an unpaid carer to her loved-ones since 2008 and full-time since 2011.

Helen’s passion is for the provision of outstanding care, and for the well-being of unpaid carers and their loved-ones alike; believing that fantastic respite care lies at the heart of it. This, coupled with the fact that she is certain that having respite care cover is the main factor in unpaid carers being able to carry on caring for their loved-ones; it is having this regular break from their caring role, especially when the respite care is amazing, that meets the needs of both the Guest and their caregiver.

Helen, owner of Serenity Respite Care Services

From 2017 Helen became the dual carer of her husband and her father. When looking for respite care for her loved-ones, she simply could not find anything that fitted their needs and requirements. Both loved-ones would have some good days and others were not so great and many of the days they wouldn’t even wake in time for a morning respite session anyway. The fact that she could not predict when a good day would happen, it was impossible to be able to book ahead, nor would it have worked to be given an allocated day each week, as is the standard practice, unless unpaid carers organise the respite care privately themselves. This usually results in the short break having to take place in a care home; but it shouldn’t have to be like.

For Helen, it was the realisation that existing respite provision (outside of her family home) simply would not meet their requirements well, if at all; it was that devastating realisation that led to her deciding that she would create a provision of respite care to meet her family’s needs and that of so many others.

A Word from Helen

My passion behind Serenity Respite Care Services is ‘caring for all’… Amazing respite care, in both Chester, and beyond, for your loved-one, whilst caring for your well-being as an unpaid carer. So I welcome you to Serenity Respite; a place of great fun and fantastic respite care in our bespoke Cheshire property, or in your own home around the UK using Live-in respite carers. Respite care is also known as short stay care. At Serenity Respite Care Services, our carers care for your loved-one, and we are there for you with our brilliant online support community.

If you would like to know more, email or phone 077 9 64 9 123 6  between 10am – 10pm