Serenity Respite

Life at Serenity Respite

Guests to flourish, grow and to relax

For Guests, Serenity Respite is a place of friendship and chatter, filling the days with fun, games and exciting activities that work across all ages, a place where struggles and strength become one; somewhere for our Guests to flourish, grow and to relax; our ethos is to nurture, teach through shared activities, create happy memories and much laughter, giving meaning to the time spent with us; in short, we are a sociable bunch, we also pride ourselves in being a place that serves yummy homemade meals and baked delights, using fresh, seasonal, non-processed, locally sourced produce.

Food is such an important part of everybody’s life -and that is the same for those eating when at Serenity Respite, hence our passion for serving excellent quality food prepared daily. This does not change for those who require food bowls containing bite sized pieces of food or for food to be cut up for any Guest who has chewing or chocking risk difficulties. Food can also be liquidised if needs be. However the food needs to be served, it will always be delicious and meeting the dietary requirements of those we support.

Importantly, staff will also eat with our Guests, not only is this sociable, but they can make sure everybody is fine and will gently encourage any of the Guests to eat if they require encouragement. Some Guests, because of disease, illness or disability may eat better when it is little and often, we will never force anybody to eat, but we will provide a ‘grazing bowl’ that is always placed by any Guest who eats better this way. We will already know of any Guest, via their care plan, discussed with their unpaid carer, prior to their loved-one coming into our care.  Indeed, food is such an important aspect of care; sadly though, when staff, in any establishment providing care, are too busy to sit and eat with one of their guests’, resident or patient, food intake is quickly overlooked and a person will inevitably go downhill. This will never happen in our care.

Peace of Mind

The thought of respite can fill carers with apprehension, not knowing if we are doing the right thing by engaging with respite for our loved-ones. A huge concern is ‘Will they be looked after as well as we look after them at home?’ Your loved-one will also be apprehensive about going somewhere new and being left, or not knowing if the friends made previously, will be there again. At the heart of all Serenity Respite staff, will be a caring nature, they will take time to really get to know the family unit and to fully understand their routines and wishes. You will find the support received to be second to none, our dedicated team gives everyone time to regroup and to recharge their batteries, whilst knowing the Guest will be in a loving, calming setting, having great fun and where bonds and friendships are created.

All Serenity Respite staff will become like family, whilst remaining professionally dedicated to delivering the highest quality of care to your loved-ones.

Caregivers and those being cared for, both need a break from time to time, it doesn’t matter who we are, as humans we all need a break. Unpaid carers need time to be themselves -not just to be known as a carer, and to do so without feeling guilty. Your loved-ones need time away also, our aim is to provide a seamless transitional service of care in a place they quickly settle and have so much fun that they lose sight that you are not there with them. Whether it be a small breather of a few hours, a day, or a week; we all need time and a change of scenery.

We know we need a break when we constantly feel tired, we might feel trapped, every little thing is annoying us, we wake in the morning and feel instantly low, or we catch ourselves feeling overwhelmed and helpless, and if you do have some help coming in, the comings and goings might be starting to feel like an intrusion or tying.

The last couple of years have been very tough, many unpaid carers need a break more than ever before. If you care for a friend or family member and would like a break, knowing your loved-one is being cared for in a warm and loving environment, filled with laughter, will allow you to rest, have some much-needed time out from care-giving responsibilities, allowing you to find yourself again, giving you a sense of freedom, engaging in hobbies that have inevitably gone by the wayside, making and maintaining friendships; caring at home can feel like a very lonely place. Engaging with the brilliance of respite improves well-being for both you as the caregiver and your loved-one.

We look forward meeting your, and your loved-ones needs.


Our mission is to provide amazing respite care to adults of all ages (18+), so that unpaid carers can have a much-needed break, when they most need it, whilst knowing their loved-ones are safe and happy in a place that feels like home from home.


Our vision is to provide life-lines, ways of coping and to create a happier quality of life for unpaid carers by providing outstanding respite care to their most treasured, adult, loved-ones; improving the well-being of all concerned. Serenity Respite will be seen as the beacon of the best respite care and support out there, creating a community of fellow carers to eradicate the feeling of isolation.















Empathic and understanding


Advocates of well-being


Supporters of dignity






Encouragers of choice and safe independence




Integrity to provide the most outstanding respite care out there

Gift Vouchers

One of the greatest gifts you can give to a caregiver is the gift of respite from their caregiving role, for a short time. Serenity Respite Gift Vouchers for full sessions are available for those times you would like to provide somebody with the wonderful gift of respite care. Simply contact us to request a gift voucher, stating whether you wish to purchase a half or full day gift.