Serenity Respite

Six things that make us unique

Our uniqueness is our magic

We See you

The owner, is herself, an unpaid carer to her loved-ones. Appreciating the overwhelm that 24/7 care has on unpaid carers and how vital respite care is in maintaining well-being. We are a service where we walk the walk, not just talk the talk, whilst delivering the highest quality of care.


We offer you a mix of both pre-booked dates and the flexibility of being able to book a session on the day itself, whether that be for a day of enjoyment, time to yourself or in the event of an emergency. We will always try to accommodate at the time you most need respite care cover. Keep an eye on our Facebook group for daily availability, also be sure to let us know if you would like to be on our email list, this will be especially helpful to you if there is a fb glitch. 

Please note, first bookings with Serenity Respite must be pre-arranged and have a care plan in place, ensuring we can meet needs, and that your loved-one can be safe and happy.

We take bookings up to 6 months in advance.

It is also worth noting we are purely a respite service, so little care breaks can be taken, if you are considering placing your loved-one in a care home and want to see how they first adapt to respite, we would suggest you and your loved-one would be better placed to find a residential / nursing home that offers short-stay respite; establishing at the time of booking if they have the facility of transitioning from a short-stay respite into permanent residency, some do offer this option; Serenity Respite is not one such place. 

We are happy to help our guests maintain personal connections and if arranged prior to a stay (1 week minimum), a guest’s friend or family member is able to take them for a local meal or a day out if agreed, at a pre-arranged time and place, with stringent security and safety checks having already taken place. Alternatively, and for those further afield, a video call at supper-time can be facilitated.

A tip when you are booking respite, you can have up to four weeks in a six-month period if you have a break from providing care to your loved-one before Carer’s Allowance is stopped, however the rules are complicated and if you are receiving any other benefits, which include extra amounts for caring, these may also be affected. Please check the government website for the benefits you or your loved-one is in receipt of to ensure benefits are not affected or stopped. 

Home from home

Our secure property has a lovely happy, home from home, family atmosphere feel about it, no huge spaces, just cosy, safe, comfortable rooms, that feel so warm and friendly; staffed by our dedicated staff team who ensure every day is thoroughly enjoyed by the Guests whom we support.


Here at Serenity Respite, we pride ourselves in providing a stimulating environment, filling our sessions with activities to make each day all the more exciting; you name it and we will be doing it. We take delight in having an ever-changing programme of activities throughout the week… Quizzes, jigsaws, board games, baking, painting, arts and crafts, music sessions, impromptu dancing, group games, seated exercise games, film afternoons with popcorn, themed days, around the world food days, coffee mornings, afternoon teas. We also enjoy celebrating anything, birthdays, special days and occasions; no excuse is needed. 

At the start of any session there will be a fun ‘making friends / getting to know you’ games time set aside and importantly, peaceful pauses are jotted throughout the day, helping to re-balance and recharge in the moments of quietness and reflection. If a Guest has green fingers, they will be more than welcome to keep everything looking great; we take part in housing hanging wall baskets as part of a community project. If they like to set the table, make drinks or enjoy washing up… They can choose whether they wash or dry alongside a staff member. It is these things that can make a Guest feel special, valued and having a sense of purpose. We accommodate routines where we can and empower independence whenever possible.

Meal times

We are passionate about serving excellent quality, non-processed, seasonal, fresh and locally-sourced, nutritious and delicious homemade food, prepared here each day, satisfying even those with the smallest of appetites. Most meals include meat or fish; vegetarian meals can be provided if requested at the time of booking. Meal-times can be such an important time for families and here at Serenity Respite, we are no different; around the table remains a time of caring and laughter, encouraging it to be a friendly and stimulating experience, especially good for those who no longer feel relaxed around food. The chatter and laughter from around the table is a wonderful sound and cannot help but lift any spirit; a vital part of this is that staff sit and enjoy their meal with those they are caring for.

For more information email  or      phone  077 9 64 9 123 6  between 10am – 10pm

Online support, especially when your loved-one is not in respite care

Here at Serenity Respite, we appreciate that outside of the times your loved-one is not in respite care and you are back to caregiver, support is super important and often lacking. We offer a range of online services; something to suit everybody, some of the support is free, others are for a small fee.

To list just a few of the services we have for you:

  • We have Facebook support groups with lovely communities of caregiver members
  • A one-to-one service for those who would like a listening ear and brainstorming session
  • Uniting respite care with caregivers around the UK
  • A community of support for caregivers to address isolation, loneliness, thrive, socialise and make friendships with fellow carers.

 For more information email